Regular Dental Checkup/Cleaning

During this appointment, a series of x-rays and a visual exam may be performed to identify any problems with your oral hygiene depending on your individual needs. One of our skilled and caring hygienists will then clean, floss, and polish your teeth as well as give you helpful home care tips to maintain a healthy condition.

Dental Sealants

After a thorough cleaning, the teeth on many pre-teen patients need to be sealed. A sealant material is light cured to the chewing surface bonding it to the enamel. As long as the sealant is kept in tact, it will help keep the tooth protected from decay. Sealants hold up very well under everyday chewing and usually last several years.

Periodontal Scaling
​​​​​​​& Root Planing

Peridontal scaling and root planing is a common treatment for periodontal disease (gum disease).  Scaling is used to remove plaque and tartar beneath the gumline. A local anesthetic may be used to reduce any discomfort depending on the severity of your periodontal disease. Using an ultrasonic cleaner, plaque and tartar are carefully removed down to the bottom of each periodontal pocket. The tooth's root surface is then smoothed or planed to allow the gum tissue to heal and reattach to the tooth. Once your treatment is complete, it is important to return every 3-4 months for maintenance procedures.

Full Mouth Debridement

A full mouth debridement (sometimes called gross scale) is common for patients that have not had their teeth cleaned professionally in a long time. The main purpose of this procedure is to remove as much of the build-up as possible, to allow for a thorough evaluation of the teeth. This is sometimes a two-step dental cleaning. The first being the removal of tartar and the second, a “fine scale” to remove the remaining build-up and polish or a more thorough exam to evaluate for a Scale and Root planing.