In order to provide you the highest level of care, Dr. Murphy continually utilizes the world's ever growing technology base.  Below is a brief list and details of some of the key technology we use in the office every day to assist in your care.

CEREC Dentistry

When your care requires a crown for restoration therapy, Dr. Murphy can create the crown in our office using a series of digital impression scans, specialized designs, and a precision mill to get the most accurate crown replica of your tooth.  The scan uses a high speed laser to take digital impressions of the prepared tooth and proximal teeth to create an interactive 3D image.  The image is saved in our design center where Dr. Murphy creates and designs your crown to fit your individual needs.  Our precision mill then creates the restoration from porcelain using the latest dental tools in just minutes. 

Digital and 3D X-rays

In our office we use digital radiographs when they are needed for your care to diagnose and prevent problems.  Dexis Digital x-rays have many benefits to you as a patient.  They reduce exposure to radiation time and less waiting time in chair for x-ray development which leads to shorter appointments.  The image is seen immediately therefore a better understanding of diagnosis and treatment is reached.  Also, the cost of x-rays is decreased because developing is no longer needed.  In conjunction with the Dexis Digital software we have implemented the use of NOMAD PRO x-ray handheld system.  Patient benefit is extremely reduced radiation back-scatter.  The NOMAD includes patient radiation shielding that when in operation virtually eliminates radiation leakage by the x-ray system. 

When your care requires a more in depth look we have the ability to take a 3D x-ray that allows an in depth look at your bone structure and nerves to determine what treatment is best for you.  The PlanMeca Promax has very little radiation exposure while still giving the images necessary for you treatment.  

Polaris and Spectra (Intra-oral camera & cavity detection)

Ever wonder what that cavity or cracked tooth may look like? Now we can show you! With our Polaris intra-oral camera, Dr. Murphy can easily take photos of the tooth or area needing care.  These photos can be vital to showing underlying problems unseen in the x-rays.  This high resolution camera keeps even the smallest detail in precision focus as well as larger objects.  The sleek and slim design makes the photos completely comfortable for the patient.  Using our other intra-oral camera the Spectra can detect caries at a very early stage.  Spectra uses fluorescence to detect cavities in fissures and smooth surfaces that may go unnoticed in X-ray images.  After capturing the image, the extent of the decay is indicated by color and number.   In conjunction or alone, these 2 cameras are extremely important to diagnose and treat your oral condition.